Monday, November 5, 2012

A Pinterest board that I simply have to share

It's rare that I come across an entire Pinterest board that is so new to me that I go through it all. Lizzie Lynne's board, simply named "Stuffed", shows interesting and modern stuffed animals and tutorials for how to make many of them.

When we went trick-or-treating with August a lot of people I knew asked if I'd made our costumes, which indeed I had. My mother taught me how to sew and made all our costumes, which we then kept in a box to use for dress up throughout the year. And I actually still use her 1960's Singer machine that weighs 3 tons and only goes forwards and backwards, often skipping stitches. These people who asked generally responded with a shake of their heads, like I was crazy, and one mother said with a smile as she passed, "You put us all to shame".

Is that smile-worthy? Does she actually feel shame? I hope not. Yes, it is the era of store-bought costumes, because most people do not have the sewing machines nor the time, really the time, especially when children don't particularly feel like being a hobo, sheet ghost, or toilet paper mummy. Ah the good old days when we could keep it simple and sit back with a glass of wine waiting for the doorbell to ring. Of course in those days I wasn't the one at the door, I was the one dressed as princess or whatever, high on Snickers and lollipops, probably with a sticky mouth and cherry red lips.

I, however, have a sewing machine, and sewing makes me very calm. I rarely do it because I too do not have the time time time.

No one should feel ashamed of not being crafty. No one should be anything but joyous on Halloween. But if you DO have a sewing machine, if you DO like sewing, then maybe Miss Lizzie Lynne's Pinterest board will inspire you.

I'm going to make the Totoro doll.

Clockwise starting upper left:
1. Tattooed Man Doll by Mimi Kirchner on Etsy
2. Chipmunk from a glove from Imanualidades
3. Free rabbit template from Lark Crafts
4. Whale stuffies tutorial from Craftiness Is Not Optional (what a name!)
5. DIY Totoro plush tutorial from Cheek and Stitch
6. Bambak (what's that?) from Ladnebebe

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