Friday, November 2, 2012

And now I'm getting hurricane tears again

I just just posted about sending out thoughts to non-NYC places, since they get so much less attention. But then I checked in on how our aquarium on the shore is doing, since I knew they'd saved everything and thought I'd get a boost of warmth in the midst of all this, and discovered something frightening: because they have been without power for so long, they may need to evacuate. They may need to evacuate 18,000 water animals, who of course can't walk. And require very fragile technical care.

Employees have stayed around the clock, particularly to care for Mitik the baby walrus who just joined the ranks of the aquarium. There are generators working to support the most fragile environments. I pray that the city feels this wonderful place, this delicate fragile mini-ecosystem, deserves prioritization.

And along the same line of thought of not just caring about the famous, don't forget to save the cold-blooded creatures and invertebrates! Mammals get all the attention.

All photos by Julie Larsen via NY1, courtesy the Wildlife Conservation Society


  1. This is unreal and tragic. Is this Brooklyn, down @ Coney Island? A few blocks from Flossie's apartment. I haven't been there for years and I never even got to take Orion there... so many species, I can't even contemplate how an evacuation would be orchestrated... it's like evacuating Noah's ark. :/ damn.

  2. It is indeed the one at Coney Island. I found an update on, of all things, "Practical Fishkeeping":

    All the big creatures are safe, but many fish have perished, mostly in one exhibit that the keepers simply couldn't reach. So it's not because they were cold-blooded creatures, I do believe the workers really tried.

    I'm still sad.