Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hi there!

This is the blog for A Printable Press, an online stationery company, but it's also the locale for the general musings of Kimi Weart (who generally muses on all things visual and lovely since that's her job and obsession).

Here are some things I believe in:
—I believe beauty is important
—I believe in beauty for everyone
—I believe celebration is important
—I believe in parties, petite to grande
—I believe in street finds
—I believe in vintage
—I believe I will someday own an Eames chair
—I believe doing good should be a part of the everyday
—I believe magic should be part of the everyday
—I believe that suspending disbelief is a good thing

I started A Printable Press with my husband Paul in 2009, as a response to the economic downturn. I'd been lucky enough to be a handy crafty diy person for our wedding, but so many others don't have those skills—but also don't have a gajillion dollars for their stationery. And voila, print-ready designs were born. Our motto is "Everyone needs beauty as well as bread." Come stop by!

I am also an artist, though I am terrible about updating my images. But if you really want to see some you can go here.

On top of that I design children's books—I've done this since the 90's, which is starting to feel like a shockingly long time ago. Here are some of my favorites:

There may be the occasional photo of my husband Paul and son August, possibly even some of our cat and dog. Just a warning.

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