Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer, who knew

I only had this vague recollection that the name Lilly Pulitzer had something to do with the 60's, and a vague impression of there being lipstick involved. I was wrong about the lipstick. This morning I ambled across a print and was struck by the freshness of it, the look of a smack of paint (or lipstick!) on a canvas. The prints flow with brushstrokes like an impressionist painter who is truly having a good time. Who knew! Probably many people knew. Apparently there is some connection to sororities, which seems bizarre to me. Do sororities have a designated fabric designer? That would be incredible.

I don't think I could wear any of these, even in a scarf, or rather I know I couldn't. But I am so charmed by them anyway. That is a good thing a blog can do, share charm without increasing consumer culture. Just gaze at the brushy brushy patterns in awe.

Patterns copyright Lilly Pulitzer from the Summer and Fall 2012 collections, images courtesy of The Pink Pelican store

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