Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Art Prints

The thing I am most excited about in the new categories of our website is the Art Prints. They are customizable prints by a selection of young artists, and some by me. I want to offer people a way to have something truly unique, or to give something truly special as a gift.

Sometimes one's favorite quote deserves a grander treatment than being written down on a post-it note. Or a newborn's name doesn't need to just be cutesy and trite.

This project speaks to my children's book background, my love of literature, my love of owning things that I know no one else has.

Do you have artists you love that would make little notes shine? What kind of prints would you like to have in your own home? I want to give everyone something special.

A new one I want to do, a "Keep Out" sign, is inspired by a friend's daughter who wrote on a note "NO ANNABELS" (her little sister's name) and pasted it on her door. No Annabels!!

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