Friday, September 21, 2012

Julienne Mei Tan

Through some path I came across the work of Julienne Mei Tan, a student at the School of Visual Arts here in NYC. It's amazing what accomplished mature work can be done by someone still in progress, and the internet is like a forest with a million tiny paths that you can follow to little miracles. Treasures like tiny fieldmice, still in progress, still small, but on the way to getting big. To be a giant fieldmouse.

The last one is a particular favorite of mine. It looks like a portrait of someone pathetic, but there is a secret behind it—this is an unusual grand mother:

"This is my halmoni (grandma). She just sits around all day like this. Doesn't even care if guests are over, it's underwear all day. And she just sleeps like this all day. You can't even wake her up. I love my halmoni. She taught me all the swear words I know."

Check out more of Julienne's work her blog and marvel at a work in progress.

All images by Julienne Mei Tan

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