Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fire escape celebration of our first date

We had our first official date on 6/6/06, which is impossible to forget unless you are me. But Paul remembered. He sent me an email listing the years, months, days and seconds, filled with love. He brought home cupcakes from Magnolia bakery and we had Old Fashioneds out on the fire escape. We are blessed with an amazing view of trees blowing in the wind and even a glimpse of the Empire State Building, and go out whenever there is an incredible sunset. Last night we stayed on the fire escape for hours, talking about how far we had come and how far we had brought each other. New jobs, new businesses, a new kid, and grand leaps in intellectual development. We have pushed each other to expand our own minds. Of course we have supported each other through all the ups and downs, the stresses of life and a colicky baby and renovating. But somehow what I focus on most is how we push each other. Not being pillars so much as shoves. Of course there are also shoulders to cry on and a glass of wine rushed into a hand or a bath filled and massages.

I have been having these dreams recently where in them I'm not married to Paul—either we broke up, I never knew him, he's mad at me, things like that. Yesterday morning, the morning of our anniversary, I woke up from one of those dreams and a wave of something that can only be described as relief washed over me. Carried me away like a giant wave. One of those waves that afterwards you can float on your back and look at the sky and your heart stops pounding and you just float.

Oh and we also had a jealous cat who kept wanting to join us. And rain that starting drop drop dropping on us but we didn't go in until the cracks of lightning and thunder turned into imminent downpour. Then I drunkenly made thai fried rice and we ate the cupcakes and fell asleep completely buzzed. Aaaaah.

p.s. The inimitable Joanna Godard from A Cup of Jo recently mentioned Fire Escape Date Night, but we've actually been doing this for years. I'm not stealing from you Joanna! But everyone should check out the post because she dressed up much better than me. 

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