Friday, June 8, 2012

The perfect minimalist necklace

I recently wrote a diatribe on the dangers of the consumer era, particularly how it relates to the internet. I have so many thoughts on it and will probably return to them again and again. But I've decided something—instead of bookmarking all the things I love and vaguely hope someone will get me for my birthday, or that I can splurge on for myself sometime, I will continue to post them here. Not just to show you eye candy, but as an almost memorial to the things I think are beautiful. The things I covet, not because they will make me cool, but simply because I think they are wondrous and wonderfully crafted. These are things made by people, by artisans, by people worthy of our economic support. Here is one of them. Hey, you could always get one as a gift and feel utterly virtuous. 

This tiny gold bar necklace which a friend sported the other day is by C.M. Lee of Edor. It is the epitome of minimalist luxury. And the thing that made my heart ache for it was how she paired it with that turquoise drop. They are so affordable, and if I hadn't just purchased myself a DVD and a book and two shikibuton mats I would be buying these.

All photos courtesy C.M. Lee

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