Thursday, June 7, 2012

A few of my favorite things

When it's raining a lot you tend to spend a lot of time inside, puttering about and looking at your own stuff.

My favorite objects in the cabin:
1) A spiderweb encased in black glass, purchased at Cog and Pearl in Brooklyn (perhaps my favorite store)
2) Close-up of aforementioned spiderweb. Have you tried this iphone trick, of holding up a magnifying glass in front of the lens? Macro-licious!
3) Ship in a bottle from a garage sale nearby
4) A vintage Old Spice shaving mug used for coffee
5) My droopy-mustached "orientalist" lamp, which we painted glossy white
6) The perfectly sized side table on sale at Target, which we then also painted glossy white
7) A funny little Smith & Hawken resin bird on sale at Target, which we (go ahead, guess) painted glossy white. And behind the bird are three little half egg sculptures lined with gold leaf.

1 comment:

  1. I love those spiderwebs too. And the little eggs in that last picture are lovely, especially alongside the jars of beans and stuff. Hope you're well!