Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our New Year's Eve

What do you do when you are parents whose kid goes to sleep at 7:30? Invite friends over who don't have kids and cook a lavish meal while imbibing wine, champagne, and coffee to stay awake. While keeping the baby monitor on and suddenly having to drunkenly say "Shhhhhh!"and pause for a minute until the whimpering in the nursery has stopped. And then crank it up again!

In the afternoon we had friends over who live in the building and all had salmon lox on pumpernickel while everyone's kids ran amok. Then our dear friend Jason made us a four-course meal, with three kinds of homemade pizzas! Or was it a five-course meal? There was the lox, the salad, and then the pizzas were finished one by one... So yes, that sort of comes to five. We  watched the "Doctor Who Christmas Special" and the movie "Looper" while laying on an aerobed in front of the television. Delicious.

When we heard the fireworks going off we paused the movie and scrambled out the window onto the fire escape. We have a view of the northern end of the park where they have the annual brooklyn fireworks show, and went "Ooo!" and "Aaa!" despite ourselves. Does this happen to you too? No matter what your age?  

Ah, that was a lovely New Year's Eve. I hope yours was as well whether at a raging party or in your jammies at home.

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