Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Instagram, you have broken my heart

Read the full article from CNet, and the post in The New York Times .

Perhaps instead of telling Instagram that it has broken my heart, I should say to its owner, Facebook:

Hey you, Facebook, yeah I'm talking to you—letting our personal photos be potentially used for advertisements is not cool. You here me? NOT COOL, MAN. NOT COOL.

I actually find this pretty painful. I liked sharing photos with my friends, I liked seeing what they were up to, I liked seeing their chubby babies and their lovely sunsets and their lovely and funny lives. I might continue to share photos of landscapes etc, because I myself sort of believe in free images—but not of my family for advertising. And I don't believe that any professional photographers or stylists should allow this to happen.

So... do we delete our accounts? Do we remain on it but protest somehow? There must be a petition out there. A lawsuit.

What do you believe about this?


  1. I think it was all about the wording... and remember how Netflix almost lost all of it's faithful users?


  2. Netflix, boy did it mess up trying out "Flixster"! But I am going to try out the Flickr app they just released, which is apparently da bomb. Because even if Instagram doesn't use my photos for ads (here's what I imagine—"Have a fat baby? Try Infantaslim!") I'm not looking forward to more ads streaming all over the place. Sigh...