Thursday, December 13, 2012

Free printable homemade goodness labels

Are you planning on getting your hands messy in the kitchen making wedding favors or holiday gifts? If so, I made two sets of customizable labels for your savory or sweet treats for the wonderful wedding blog A Practical Wedding. As always, it was super fun to make something just for their audience, as it is totally ours as well—light-hearted but spiritual, filled with common sense and a tendency to take that grain of salt with everything and say "Yum, salty!". Salty broads and boys.

There are two styles, a classic one on a soft chalkboard-y background here, and one inspired by old woodblock stamped labels here. You can personalize them not only with the name of your goody, but also with a date or little message, and your initials down below.

If you're making something for the holidays you can pretend you are an old-timey food shop and write "Est." up top and the season it was made in. Or if they are for a wedding you can always do "Wed on..." and then the date below to commemorate the celebration.

For full instructions and whatnot, go here!

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