Monday, October 29, 2012

Printable pennant banners II

Last week we had printable pennant banners that spotlighted how they can be used for weddings. However, if you think about it, you can use the same printable pennants for anything you like—decoration for any party, a sign for a nursery, or a welcome home banner for someone who's been away for far too long.

Download the Printable Pennant Banner in classic fonts here, or in modern fonts here

Print out the pennants on any color cardstock you like to coordinate with your color palette!

Materials needed:
Cardstock in any color you choose
Exacto knife or paper cutter
Hole punch
Ribbon or string

1. Download the customizable PDF of your choice, classic or modern.
2. Click on the pennant and type in your first letter
3. Print the page on a sheet of cardstock
4. Repeat with each letter in your banner
5. Cut out the pennants following the dotted gray outlines
6. Punch a hole in each upper corner
7. String a ribbon or twine through each letter—you can experiment with showing the ribbon in front or behind, and different kinds of ribbon (we used 3/8" satin for one, and baker's twine for the other)

Voila! Easy-peasy.

For personal use only. Do not sell or anything unethical like that. © aprintablepress 2012


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