Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nina Chakrabarti part deux!

A little while back I posted about the artist Nina Chakrabarti, whom I had just discovered at the time. Little did I know she was just coming out with a new book published by Laurence King Publishing called "My Wonderful World of Shoes". The publishers oh so generously sent me a copy, and here's a sneak peek at it. 

First notice the amazing soft cardboard cover with letterpressed title in hot pink, with gold imprinting down the side.

Then be amazed by her ink lines—intuitive, loose, but completely on target. I have a pair just like these by Isaac Mizrahi that I snagged on sale from Century 21—they're peacock-colored. Color these in!

Then notice the hand-lettering on each and every page. In an era where there are so many faux hand-written fonts to cheat your way into a hand-drawn look (and I am culpable of this), a true loopy doopy writing is precious. No two letters are the same. Each sentence is composed carefully. And do you remember the era of the jelly shoes? My god, the blisters in summer, what were we thinking.

My mom owned a pair almost identical to these from the 70's, in black velvet with gold glitter detailing. I made a huge splash one high school Halloween. And I was able to dance in them for hours!

I can't help it, I keep taking photos of shoes I own. Weddings, theater shows, cocktail parties, they have all been graced by brogue detailing.

And these are the shoes I wish still existed. Perfection.

And for those who have followed this blog, you will know I am a rabid lover of endpapers. Kudos to Lawrence King Publishing for deciding that no matter what the price point, hot pink endpapers were necessary!

I feel a tad bit guilty for not showing you the minimalist German half-boot from 1830, or the maximalist 1800's booties, or a Salvatore Ferragamo wedge heel from 1939, or all the other glorious, glamorous, pan-historical footwear. But you can find Nina's book here and discover all the other amazing shoes out there. 

Give a shoe girl (whether established or budding) a thrill, a coloring book, a historical reference. Or just get it for yourself. Embrace the stereotype. Because even if you only own one perfect pair of boots and one perfectly worn-in pair of Converse, you know that the right shoes make you walk the planet with your chin held high.

The beginning quote by Marilyn Monroe hits the nail on the head:
"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."

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