Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My own August's room in a magazine!

This post is so self-centered. But there is something that makes you all shivery when you go into a bookstore and rifle through the magazines for fun, and stop, all shocked, because there, there in the printed object you are holding in your hand, is your child's nursery. (Please excuse the so-so photos, I took them myself, but in the magazine they hold up pretty well.)

I had completely forgotten that the magazine "Pregnancy & Newborn" had contacted us for photos of August's room—it was months ago, and I wasn't positive the photos I took were good enough for publication. And so it passed from my mind, until this past Sunday. Will this be in every bookstore? In every ob/gyn's office? I hope they forget to remove it, that it slips to the bottom of the pile, and then some poor pregnant woman gets so sick of all the usual ones she digs down and opens this one.

The producer of the sneak peeks, Lauren Brockman, gave the nursery the tagline "Natural, cozy and dripping with imagination". I feel so happy that someone got that impression of it. In person it's not as slick as the photos make it appear (which maybe is good). Even my best crafts are made by someone who feels that if it looks good from across the room they shrug and say Eh, good enough. Strings of hot glue hanging off? Who cares!

We did not decorate the nursery before August was born. There was only a crib, a used changing table, my ten year old dirty sofa, and some branches still drippy from snow. I made my brother drag those in two weeks before my due date because anytime I sat in the room I was overwhelmed by its ugliness. It was a hilarious trek, my giant belly preceding me into the snow-covered park, and then my poor brother lugging back branches that were nigh trees. The nigh-trees were so big they didn't fit in the elevator so he brought them up 6 flights of stairs. He is the best brother in the world. He was my best man at my wedding.

The other nurseries are lovely, beautiful, calm, or dancy with pattern and gold. I am so flattered to be included in an article that also shows Joy Cho's daughter's room, as in Joy from the blog Oh Joy! I bet Joy didn't get nauseated by her soon-to-be nursery, I bet she had that thing in hand! How could she not, with her taste?

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