Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fingerprint creatures

I was looking up fingerprint fun, and came across an old post from the blog The Earth Is Our Teacher (sadly now defunct). The blogger, FroggyMama, shares pictures of the fingerprint creatures she made. And then her son got so excited by them he wanted to make some himeself.

Simple faces: 

More complicated faces:

 Animal faces:


And her son's fingerprint people which are so kookily wonderful:

This would be a wonderful rainy day activity, it makes me excited for August to grow and grow and at least understand what a face is. Check out the post for suggestions on materials—I want the inks, I hadn't heard about them before.

All images from The Earth Is Our Teacher

P.S. if there was a way to contact FroggyMama I would, because I'd love to use those monster images in our upcoming quarterly! Anyone know her?

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  1. hey, its very nice fingerspot art ..
    good job, im very excited. :)