Thursday, September 27, 2012

This past weekend at the cabin

Fall is a special time at the cabin. In the northeast the big tourist draw is foliage season, this evanescent time that you might miss no matter how well you plan your vacation. Here in the city there's only a scattering of yellow and crisped brown leaves on the trees, a few floating down when the wind blows. But up in the Catskills there's a skim of bright yellow all over the place laid over the still-deep green of summer leaves. The birch leaves are the first to go, fluttering down. I kept looking up wondering what that shadow was, some loopy bird that couldn't fly straight, but it was always another leaf swoop-swoop-swooping down back and forth.

There's also a photo of my favorite toy horse. I have a lot on the porch up there.

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