Monday, September 24, 2012

Bella Foster

If you don't know the expressive artwork of Bella Foster, allow me to introduce her: Bella Foster, meet Kind Readers, Kind Readers, meet Bella Foster. Her work gives an impression both of intuitive ease and mastery, mastery of color, line, composition, material. And not just of paint and brush but of paper as well—when to let the paper shine through as its own bright power. She doesn't hit one wrong note. There are no moments of hesitation in her work, even if there might be some behind the scenes. It looks like she paints in an outpouring of inspiration while dancing to her favorite music. I am probably totally wrong. But the work not only evokes joy, it imposes joy on you.

I've been obsessed with watercolor and brushiness lately, to the point that I am concerned about its faddishness. Particularly since I frequently work in watercolor myself. But then I look at work like this, like Bella Foster's, and know that fads don't matter. She makes me want to paint more and that is the most amazing thing of all.

All images by Bella Foster, courtesy of her blog Here There and Them. Certain prints available through Wayne Pate and Stampa

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  1. They make we want to jump into them, like their vibrations feel more real or persuasive that the ones of anything - yes, like a room that one passes from which music is pouring out.