Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This. This this this.

I had an entire other post planned for this morning, until a friend emailed me these photos. It is a wardrobe with a secret door to a hidden room. The room itself is done up in a Narnia theme, with Mr. & Mrs. Beaver peeking at you from behind a snowbank and Aslan gazing on majestically at the far wall. Obscured partly by a bookshelf which I find a little unsettling. I mean, that's no way to treat the true King of the West.

But oh... To have this as the entrance to your studio or bedroom...
I know that I would get used to it, and eventually not notice it, that it would become a part of one's home that your eyes gloss over as they do all things you see day to day. But in my mind it would open up magical possibilities, like a door in your heart that a wind blows through.

I think it should stay in my mind.

Originally posted on Reddit, I can't find the author of the post nor the photographer of the images. If anyone knows please let me know!

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