Monday, August 20, 2012

Mistakes made in the past 12 hours

1. Buying Cherrystone clams instead of steamer clams. They're not the same!

2. Oversalting the broth.

3. Not looking for a spare fitted sheet for Paul's visiting brother-in-law before it was 10:30 pm and discovering we couldn't find one without making a ton of noise and waking August.

4. Trying to sleep next to August at 3 am when he woke up crying and couldn't go back to sleep. Shoulda done a quick comfort then cry it out, Paul's brother could have handled it...

5. Turning off the A/C in August's room thinking it was too cold, but then having to get up and turn it back on in 15 minutes and therefore waking him up again.

6. Not trying harder to sleep in once Paul took over after 6 am. Maybe that's not a mistake, maybe I just couldn't...

I feel seasick. Oh and coffee, why do you make my tummy feel so sour right now! And poor August was too excited by having me sleep in his room to rest much. When I sleep in there I pull out mats for both of us to lie on, letting him go Montessori style. But inevitably he putters around pretending to read books in the dark and placing blocks on me. The cuteness does not make up for his lack of sleep. I should know better.

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