Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Just a little tribute to all the women out there who work in difficult conditions, underpaid and under-respected, to all of us who work hard to support our families and reach for our dreams, or simply have to work because dual income is so necessary so often, but also to those who work as full-time mothers (and that is a full-time job) and raise us to know we can make independent decisions to work if we want to or have to, be free to resent it when the opposite gender gets paid more (it's important to be allowed to recognize unfairness and our right to push against it) and free to succeed and then on Labor Day free to say "Screw you, work!" and rest along with everyone else and run to the beach or do a barbecue or just lie down for a nap.

May it be sunny and restful for all of us, and yes for the guys out there too. We truly and deeply appreciate your work. You just generally get a bigger share of history and holidays named after you so let's celebrate a little chick history. Labor Day for all!

A funnily socialist kind of holiday for the United States.

Images found here, from a number of unnamed sources except for the top image, "Rosie the Riveter" by that definer of American illustration Norman Rockwell.

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