Thursday, August 30, 2012

1951 Hermés

I don't generally hold with simply reposting something you find on another site, but these were too good to for me to just pin them up on Pinterest. These are photos of an Hermés collection in 1951, photographed by the inimitable Gordon Parks. I have been getting increasingly attracted to messy trompe l'oeil, which from a first glance out of the corner of one's eye/oeil says "I am a classic 50's trenchcoat" but then on any direct eye/oeil contact says "Ha ha, made you look, I am in process." It transforms itself and its material into a sketchbook. Which is my favorite form of art—intimate, loose, implying an idea rather than wholly constructing it or elaborating on it. It's where the imagination has room to roam before it gets nailed to the wall and polished off. Like butterflies pinned to a board, that's what a lot of perfected finished art looks like to me. I want to imitate these dresses, it must be possible to pick up some cheap cotton frock from Target and zippity zip paint some swashy pockets and buttons on it. Or do something similar in another media, though I can't brainstorm anything offhand, my brain seems to be too slow at the moment. You think of something and tell me.

Found on the lovely design-conglomerating site Honey Kennedy

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