Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Photo Card Conundrum

I have feelings about holiday photo cards. I often feel that they are poorly designed and don't highlight the photos of loved ones enough. That the design gets in the way. But here are some that I feel are able to be beautiful and also show the photos to great effect. 

From top to bottom these are by Pinhole Press, Minted, and Hello Lucky. All fabulous places to get holiday cards (I feel absolutely fine giving a shout-out to other great design businesses, go good design!). 

The last design is actually very reminiscent to an invitation I designed for Paul's family, to a surprise 40th anniversary party for his folks! What love. I had a blast designing it and a blast at the party. We're considering adding a design like this to our repertoire, but I have to admit it's pretty complicated... it would have to be a little pricey...

Anyway. In the future we want to include photo cards in our site. But I am torn about how to go about it. My tendency is to just have kicky holiday cards and tuck a photo inside. Now that we have a baby boy that is still my desire. But could I imagine a way to satisfy my needs? A lot of the designs above seem dependent on photos that accommodate the design. The photos have to have lots of extra space for those type elements. What if your own photo doesn't have that? What if the type ends up over your tiny one's face?

Hmm. A conundrum.

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