Friday, October 28, 2011

I will confess something. When Paul proposed to me, it was with a gorgeous art deco style band from Tiffany's... and it hurt my finger. It was square-edged and just kinda didn't work on my skinny bony fingers. So we decided I'd use my great-grandmother's engagement ring, and instead concentrate on the real wedding ring.

And I had no idea what I wanted. I mean sure, I'd poked around online looking at rings (since I had a vague feeling he'd eventually propose what with our living together and all). But I didn't know what I liked.

I eventually chose a lovely band from a Park Slope store called The Clay Pot. It's very modern, a simple slim white gold band with a tiny rectangular baguette diamond in it. I thought "Well, I don't really know how I want this wed finger to look, so I'll get something simple that I can put another ring next to in the future. Or lots of rings!"

Here it is, the future, and I have discovered something: this ring is nearly impossible to put anything next to. It's just so clean and modern that everything else looks... just plain weird next to it.

And here's the other thing. I have found the ring designer I adore. Her name is Satomi Kawakita, works in brooklyn, and has the most amazing organic rings from tiny to honking two-finger rings.

Do I regret my own ring? No, it's beautiful and simple and speaks to a deep part of me. But boy do I wish I could stick one of these rings next to it.

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