Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Well hello again

It is not exactly a new year's resolution to get back to Printable Press blogging, since it's February, but rather trying to get over a block. You know how you have to face something you got out of the habit of a million years ago? How it's super hard? How it's so much easier to keep putting it off? That's this. It's like an old friend you fell out of touch with—you think about them all the time, you feel guilty you fell off the map, you still love them, and you've kept an unanswered email at the bottom of your inbox for six months. Sitting there waiting patiently. I am trying to clear out my inbox.

Oddly what got me off my guilt-ass was a note from a friend/neighbor. Her sister, a print-maker, collaborated with a calligrapher/artist on a gorgeous calendar. The artist provided black and white illustrations and my friend's sister (Hisako Otani) interpreted them into hand-cut rubber stamps. There's nothing like hand-cut stamps, and they make the original illustrations come alive.

And this took me to the calligrapher's work which is a delectable surprise. They're called Handmade Letters, which I sort of can't believe wasn't already taken by another calligrapher. I want to share their site because it has a beauty that is not standard in addressing envelopes. I want to shout out their beauty. And somehow, weirdly, that is what made me want to do a blog entry. No amount of my own work could bring me to do a blog post. No amount of people telling me I had to as a contemporary business owner. Only the desire to show off someone else's work.

So here it is, Handmade Letters. Bask in the beauty.

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