Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Together Forever (temporarily)

Want a really unique way to say "I love you shmoopy bear" this Valentine's Day? Check out these free printable temporary tattoos I created for A Practical Wedding! You can customize them with your honey's name, print them backwards on temporary tattoo paper (printing backwards is easy, it's a part of any printer's settings), cut 'em out and adhere. 

 This Valentine’s Day printable was inspired by a total anti-Valentine story. A friend of mine once had a crush, a SERIOUS crush, and the object of her crush turned out to be a serious jerk. So to thumb her nose at her my friend played crazy stalker and said, “Guess what—I got a tattoo of your name,” and lifted up her shirt. Across her belly she had written, “Goodbye” and walked off. This is the positive version of that. But still worth a laugh and a high five.

See the post on A Practical Wedding here, or download directly here!

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