Thursday, February 14, 2013

I guess the sucky has to happen too...

Do any of you know the Curious George story where he puts the wrong soap in the dishwasher? I wasn't looking and dumped in regular liquid soap. Afternoon wasted cleaning out gallons of suds. 
And what an awesome thing to discover when you go to move your car. I'm betting it was sideswiped by an aggressive NYC snowplow. SIGH. This is on top of having a cold for 2 weeks and now potential pink-eye. The joys of motherhood.Rargh.But maybe I could also tag this as being a not so bad part of being a freelancer, that at least you discover these things early. And they're both resolved, or will be soon. Silver lining, right? Right?Maybe I'll just let myself be crabby.

1 comment:

  1. I just did that with the dishwasher. I, however, just mopped up the floor and ran it again?? That might have been wrong? But it worked.

    I'm a terrible stay at home mom. I'm literally terrible at it.