Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Resolutions past

I love new year's resolutions, love 'em. But that's because I make a big list of things that are either continuing things or small attempts that are reasonably doable. And I never hate myself for things I didn't accomplish. Because the big things, the truly big things, don't need to be written down. They are things I need to work on every day, and hopefully will.

Here is last year's list, which we kept up on the kitchen bulletin board. There are three kinds of marks to indicate what we accomplished, or didn't—lines crossed through mean we did it, X's mean it turned out to not be a good idea, and sad faces are the things we didn't do that we wish we'd done.

The things I'm happiest we got to cross out:
—Started learning spanish with August
—Maintained friendships and cemented new ones
—Actually got to the ocean quite a lot
—Kept about 80% of Sundays internet-free! The hardest thing was remembering not to look up weather on my iphone. I literally had to call people instead.

Our two sad faces:
—Didn't make it to the Morgan Library or the Natural History Museum

The thing that wasn't possible that I'm most sad about:
—Car-camping just wasn't a good idea with a baby who really only naps in a crib (still).

Biggest resolutions for 2013:
—Treat ourselves to more nights out!
—Go to D.C. in April to visit one of our best friends (plus Paul and August have never been)

Yeah. Totally doable.

I have bigger resolutions, scarier ones, that I am trying to engrave into my heart. You know those, the ones you try to do each year, the ones that involve true change, a tectonic shift in your life or even in your moral fiber. But you know what? Constant change and progression is worth striving for.

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