Friday, January 25, 2013

New camera, so in love

I am not the best photographer (or not a photographer at all really) but have been needing something with a halfway decent autofocus and depth of field, for product shots. I was well aware that I needed some kind of small low-end SLR, but also that I would never ever lug around one. It would sit on a tripod waiting to photograph stationery. Sad little camera...

But then I read this review on the NY Times by David Pogue whose title was "Tiny Camera to Rival the Pros", and whose first line was "This is a review of the best pocket camera ever made". 

Now, these photos were snapped quickly, in late winter afternoon, with no manual nuthin', even though the camera is packed with the ability to do everything including manually focus with a for real old fashioned RING on the lens and not some stupid button, and it can probably start your car from afar or something.

I am not the best photographer. But. I have finally gotten that delicious covet-worthy depth of field. 

More pictures to come as I figure out more settings, these could use more contrast and color.

Oh, and this is at the Prospect Park Zoo's feeding area which is about a block away from us. August's favorites are the goats. Mine are the "Babydoll Sheep", which unlike their names have a deep "Baa." With a period at the end. The first time I heard them I literally thought there was some tall dude mocking them, going "Baa", trying to make them say it back.  No vibrato. Just "Baa" like they're just pretending to be sheep and trying to get away with it.

Maybe they sneak out at night and hang out on street corners smoking and whistling at the ladies, but when they turn around they're all like "What? Us? We're innocent sheep, we don't know how to talk! See listen—Baaaaaa."

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