Monday, January 7, 2013

August's book for 2012

I have begun a tradition of making a book about August for his grandparents as their annual Christmas gift—the results were so fun I wish I could do it for everyone! How long will August let me get away with this? I'm hoping at least until he's ten. 

This year's book is a nautical adventure: one day August is bored bored bored, when a ship magically floats into his room and whisks him off to the high seas. He greets things, survives a storm, and returns home all tuckered out to finally fall asleep. This was written in part to read to him, I thought that was a brilliant idea... but he just looks at the photos of himself with a completely baffled, if not slightly spooked, expression. Ah well.

We did a photo shoot of him on our bed (same as last year) with a sheet behind him to simplify the background, and then Paul hopped around waving things to get August to smile and jump. I then constructed a story around the best photos of him and came up with this sailing tale. 

Out came the pencils and paper, eee-rrrrr went the scanner, mmmm went photoshop, whoosh went the PDF to, and finally bzzzzzt went our doorbell when the books arrived. Thanks you for the wonderful printing! 

If for any reason you want to see the whole thing, you can preview it here

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