Friday, November 9, 2012

Marion Deuchars' studio, wonderful mess

After posting about Marion Deuchars' new book yesterday, I perused a part of her website that I hadn't before—there is a little link labeled "Studio" at the bottom that led me to these photos.

What a beautiful thing to include in an illustrators's portfolio site, giving us a peek into process and mess. It makes me deeply miss having a separate studio, like one in a whole other building, something I gave up when I decided to leave the professional art world. Since I was only doing little personal pieces that weren't for sale it didn't make sense anymore. And of course without selling artwork I couldn't afford the studio anyway.But it was wonderful to have. A room of one's own where no one can judge you, in fact they might judge you if it's too clean. This isn't the era of fetish finish, the zeitgeist of the present day asks for signs of the artist's hand. Like the whole artisanal movement.If only we could all afford a studio. I would love one in the woods, like our cabin, but with a connecting door in our apartment. Maybe a little one hidden in the back of a closet where you have to get down on your hands and knees to crawl through. Oh, and you first have to look around to make sure nobody sees you go.
Photos courtesy Marion Deuchars' website, unknown photographer

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