Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What we did during the hurricane

We were let off easy. In a way it's too hard to think about what happened to all of the east coast, particularly to our beloved city, particularly to its aging and venerable subway system, the oldest in the world. It works so hard, like a draft horse who never gets to stop in its life, and now it must be saved.

Here are the things I worry about, a paean to things in all their non-human-ness:
—The Coney Island Aquarium (apparently workers stayed throughout and the baby walrus is doing fine!)
—Fairway. Why fear for a supermarket? Because I love it, deeply, and think of all that produce washing to sea in a tide of poisoned water
—The oh so recently resurrected 1922 carousel at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Salt water lapping at their hooves.
—Docks and manufacturing close to the water
—All those artist studios in Gowanus
—Our dear dear subway

But we ourselves were lucky, here on our high point, and organized a game of "soccer" for all the wee ones in the building. To all those out there overcoming damage, loss of electricity, spoiling food, lack of heat, or worse, I am thinking about you.

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