Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vintage cookbooks

The other day I bought some vintage cookbooks on Etsy for some 1960's inspiration. When they came in I found that the typography wasn't that interesting, but that the styling of the images and the images themselves were. I mean, look at those photos! Grotesque but designed, fascinating but utterly unappetizing foodwise. Mostly they make you giggle. But I started perusing them and became surprisingly, bizarrely, excited.

I am going to have a 1950's sandwich party.
I am going to make sandwiches that look like teacakes, frosted in cream cheese.
And I might make them look like this:

which are actually mini tiered fruit and herb cakes, found on Studio Diy a while back.

Here's a quote from the sandwich book:

"Today's sandwiches are served for almost any purpose and on all occasions.... They are as familiar to the social butterfly as to the man who carries a dinner pail"

A dinner pail! Time to update the sandwich. I know I personally am tired of typical little tea sandwiches, crustless and white-breaded. Or rather I always snarf them down when they're around but it's high time to revisit or reimagine these little snacks into the fantastic again.

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