Friday, August 3, 2012

Boombox, this is how much we've missed you

The other day on the street I saw this dad and his son lounging outside, bobbing their heads to their favorite tunes playing on this amazing thing. I went up to them and asked just what it was, and the dad told me that it's the iP4 Boombox from iHome. And yes, they gave me permission to photograph them.

The reason it is amazing is that it definitely pulls at our nostalgia strings, but in no way attempts to be a fake boombox. Its monochrome nature and matte smooth surfaces are totally modern, and in a sort of wonderful way it's a little too silly-looking to carry it on your shoulder, parading it around to show how cool you are. So it strictly serves the function of entertainment and not strutting. This is not the thing to blast as you go down the street, in a sort of dare for any passerby to mess with you. This stays put and makes summer that much better.

Image of iP4 courtesy iHome

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