Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Working from home necessicities Part I

Enough iced decaf coffee to drink all day. Decaf because it's better for you after those first one or two cups in the morning (scientific studies show that two cups of coffee per day may actually be beneficial to health, while more is bad for you and underdoing I suppose is better than overdoing it). I was going to do a post showing my own scruffy way of making a bucketful to store in the fridge, with our ugly coffee pot with a horrendous blue glowing digital clock on it (electric blue! why!). But then I had this vague memory of Anna of Door Sixteen writing about a Bodum cold-brewing coffee maker, and I looked it up. The reviews are glowing and I'm getting one right now. Forget about the photos of my scruffy horrid homemade iced coffee that I dump lots of milk and sugar into in order to ameliorate the flavor.

Note: if it's ever a spontaneous internet purchase that benefits my work, I do it with consideration but not much guilt. Working at home needs to be made as luxurious as possible with tiny little luxuries all day long.

Image courtesy Bodum via Amazon

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