Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where New York City streams amble

I have always wondered where the canal of Canal Street went, or goes, or flows, as I knew it was paved over somewhere.That's all I'd heard, "paved over". I randomly happened across this collection of photographs of underground rivers and urban waterways in, the site of Andrew Wonder, urban explorer. From top to bottom they are the paved over waterways of the original Canal Street Canal (Manhattan), Linden Brook (Queens), Sunwick Creek (Queens), and Tibbett's Brook (Bronx). These are sort of sewers now, but they flow and flow and not just filled with refuse but just plain old streams that began somewhere and go into here and then eventually go to sea (hopefully getting processed first). I have seen underground rivers that plunge from aboveground into caverns, making their way through limestone-y landscapes. But these are different, and somehow still precious to me. Waterways beneath my feet, not just manmade.

Photos courtesy Andrew Wonder, prints are for sale

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