Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Théâtre d’ombres

 I was looking up how to dip dye in ombre colors and happened across an image. A wolf, a baby wolf with no tail, a rabbit with a glowing red eye... I had to know. It is on a one page non-blog, an abandoned little thing that retains the default "My Blog" title of Wordpress at the top, and has only a handful of images of exquisite shadow puppetry. Their About page, in total, says:
"Atelier de théâtre d’ombre. Ils s’agit, dans le temps imparti, de monter un petit spectacle de théâtre d’ombre."

I'd forgotten that ombre means shadow in french. 

Atelier of shadow puppet theater. They are, in the allotted time, to mount a small theater of shadows. Or something like that. 

Who are "they"? But look at that use of branches, twigs, ferns, their delicacy and crispness and blurriness all at once.

Images found on this blog

p.s. If you want your own piece of shadow puppetry you can get a lovely little set here at My Sweet Muffin

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