Thursday, July 19, 2012

Printable flag toppers!

Flag toppers in three tones for you to personalize for any occasion.

I panicked the other day when I realized how fast summer is going by. We've only been to the beach once, to the cabin once! Where is my tan!

These printables are to inspire us to have summer parties, even if it's just a drink on the fire escape that gets kicked up a notch. Go take some stirrers from your local café and surprise a loved one with a special drink and a special note.

Just go here and download, type in your text, print and cut out. Then tape around a straw, string, toothpick, your finger, a branch. Or risk all and tape notes to your cat's whiskers! Nah, that probably won't work. But wouldn't it be wonderful if it could. What a message.

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