Thursday, July 26, 2012

Canvas tent love

I've written about a love of canvas tents before, just briefly here, and I thought I'd written about trying to build a tent on our cabin porch for August but I can't find it. I'd had huge plans but when I tried it out two weeks ago it failed miserably.

I've hiked a lot in my life and mostly have used light-as-a-cobweb tents with a lot of engineering and technology involved in them. I mean, who wants to carry around more than 40 pounds. And many canvas tents feel like they ARE forty pounds. But they've been shown oh so romantically styled in recent magazines et al... I slept in a super deluxe one once on safari in Tanzania. It was on a platform with skinny beds and drapey hangings, and hippos gallumphing by at night which you must at all costs avoid. They kill more people than lions. But the tent was amazing and I've had it in my mind for years and years.

Do you ever get frustrated when a lifelong love becomes a trend? I refuse to put away my deer antlers I've collected or my old sheepskins my cat sleeps on. Screw you, trends, I'll outlast you like a rich old man who says Heh heh heh and outlives everybody who wants him to die to get his money.

I'm still going to get a teepee for August. He may not sleep in it the way I'd always imagined he would, but I know as he gets older he'll love it. And I'll love it. Camping out on the porch. This one above was sent to me by my dear friend Amanda, found on the blog From Moon to Moon. Look at the entire post of teepees, they're amazing. This one seems to be an old photo of a tent someone painted, an anonymous someone with a Tumblr feed. I always like attributing photos, why do you make it so hard Anonymous?

And everyone who felt like a freak when they were young should go see Moonrise Kingdom, or those who love canvas tents. Or anyone who has felt the need to hear someone say "Jiminy Cricket, he flew the coop!"

Image courtesy Wes Anderson, found on Netflix Roulette

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