Monday, June 4, 2012

A very green birthday, Part I

It rained. And it rained. And for the rest of the week it rained. But the sound of rain on a metal roof reminds me of Hawaii, tramping through rain makes me feel adventurous, and the overwhelming fresh scent of just green green green was euphoric-making. The entire week I spent simply giddy, jubilantly stretching out my limbs in solitude. I know that some find this weird if not downright creepy, especially for a mother. Different strokes to move the world.

From top:
1) Our creek looking very moody and mysterious
2) Unknown flower with spider thread on it.
3) The rock I normally perch on but this past week a little treacherous with flooding.
4) Can you see my little Subaru hatchback?
5) The Neversink Reservoir, and if you look closely up in the tree...
6) A bald eagle and her nest, with teenage bald eagles in it!

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