Friday, June 15, 2012

Rubber stamp business cards

I've been thinking recently of designing personalized business cards, inspired by the fact that WE OURSELVES don't have any (once again the problem of never having time to design anything for yourself). And of course I want to do printable ones, since there are many advantages to that. You print only as many as you need to, you can do it in as many colors as you want, and it's very cost-effective. But then Gen mentioned the idea of rubber stamp cards, knowing how much I love the rough-ish quality of hand-stamping things.

A quick google image search found these and now I am convinced. At least for myself. Should we offer rubber stamps? Can my heart handle venturing into the world of objects for sale? I will try one for us and see how it feels. What if it feels wonderful?

1) Motherbird, found on Graphic Dirt
2) Fischer Fala, found on DesignVerb
3) Joe Felix, found on CardNerd
4) MaeMae Paperie, their Business Card Stamp

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