Monday, June 25, 2012

The reading nook seat

I posted a while back about our painful-to-the-tailbone pile of blankets we used as a reading nook, and that I impulsively bought two Shikibuton folding mats online.  And I felt guilty for the impulsive need to purchase something just because the internet finds it for you.

However, they arrived the other day, and they are perfect. We sprawl on them. Some other mothers and I have happy hour on them while the babies chase each other around and scream when another one yanks a toy out of their little paws. Our baby loves crawling up on it and sitting like an old fat lounging man. Except he smiles while doing it, as though he knows he looks like an old fat lounging man.

Something a little distressing is discovering that paying $160 on a whim by clicking a button turns out... good. To be the right decision. We can afford it, but what about the moment when I don't think about whether we can afford it? Because the button is right there? Danger, danger! Just something to keep in my mind, like I should pinch my arm before each time I hit "Purchase".

But oh the mats are lovely. And the next time August is sick and I have to sleep next to his crib, it will be so much better than it has ever been.

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