Friday, June 29, 2012

Late blooming linden trees

These are the linden trees below us. They have recently bloomed, which startled me because everything else rioted in blossoms in about March due to the warm winter. I remember thinking, Oh, I guess I missed the linden trees blooming...

Because when they do, our apartment fills with their fragrance. When you are on the street it can be almost overpowering—as though you are sticking your nose directly into a bouquet of something heady like lilacs, all the time. But once it has wafted six floors up it is a subtle thing that you only notice when you want to. Like when you turn on the fan at night in the window and lie down to sleep in the dark, and think "Oh, how lucky we are to live above blossoming linden trees, how lucky to live right here and sleep right here this night".

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