Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Hermès


A current trend that amazes me is free downloads from all kinds of companies—in this case, the covetable (for some) Hermès. I know it's a marketing gimmick, it's like giving samples of makeup away for free and getting people addicted or at least getting the name out there. But it is, at heart, generous. Sometimes the reasons behind gifts, no matter how manipulative, don't matter to me. These things exist in the aether and enrich people's lives. I almost believe in things becoming de-authored, although not totally, because there are many struggling artists who should be given credit for their work.

Anyway, the point is, the modern trend of beautiful free printables is a wondrous thing. I do some myself but I'll admit that this tops all. And if you are very crafty and devoted you could even print these on inkjet-friendly fabric and steam it onto a cloth purse. Someone somewhere out there must have time for this. But don't sell them.

Found on Craftzine
Photos courtesy Hermès

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