Friday, May 11, 2012

The Impractical Mother's Day Gift Series III

One of a kind beautiful non-working bow and arrow collection from Fredericks and Mae

When I was about 10 I decided I wanted to learn archery, I needed somehow in my little heart to learn archery. It was a fantasy-genre wish, I wanted to be a hero in the woods. You might think 10 is too old to wish something like this to a degree where you feel it should happen in physical life, but I think we should be dreamers for all our lives. My parents actually got me a set of bow and arrows and target for my birthday, and every afternoon I practiced in our backyard. I became passable, and like anything you become merely "passable" at, I hung them up in my room. I only realize now that it was actually having them hanging up in my room that was the most important thing. Having objects to activate the imagination, to break the boundaries just a little between your dreams and your present, that's what this bow and arrow collection is all about. Believe forever.

Images courtesy Fredericks and Mae

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