Monday, May 21, 2012

Every birthday should be spent away

This is from my birthday a few years ago. I spent it driving around the coast of New England and got caught in the most crazy gorgeous storm where the hail was luckily only pea sized and so didn't kill me.

I am away for the week because every birthday I give myself the gift of going away, by myself, on an adventure. Due to an inability to decide on a location that was affordable (I so wanted to go to Iceland for a week) I will instead be ambling about the woods at our cabin and its environs. But an entire week alone after over a year+ of nearly no solitude will be an unbelievable adventure. I plan on mini-adventures, getting lost one way or another. Preferably without bear sightings except when safely ensconced in my car.

Adios, a bientot, brb.

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