Thursday, March 22, 2012

An ode to love

Everyone should simply read this post from An Apple A Day, a blog by the florist Amy Merrick. It inexplicably made me ache to be in that pre-love state, where you haven't found your one yet, and anything could happen at any moment. Lightning, cupid's arrow, a slow building from friendship. Because no matter what love somehow always ends up a surprise.

Hm. That makes me think about how surprise should still be a part of an established relationship. Or... that it always is, and I'm just forgetting about it... Like the other day Paul came home with a surprise maple candied pecan cupcake for me, just because. Just because he knew I'd been working really hard and really stressed out. And just because he's Paul. It was a total surprise, a total sugar rush, a total love rush.

Surprise in love is perpetual, or should be, or we should experience it fully when it jumps out on us.

Photo courtesy Amy Merrick

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