Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I forgive you, Lars Von Trier

I just discovered this. The trailer for Melancholia reminded me of a dream I'd once had, a beautiful but sad dream. I don't know if the movie would mean as much to anyone else. And there are several Von Trier movies I haven't seen because I was severely warned off by friends. But Lars Von Trier, I forgive you for some heartache you've caused in me, and some jiggle-vision induced nausea from hand-held movie-making.

I forgive you because you have given me
1. Beauty
2. Kirsten Dunst in a role suited for her
3. An amazingly subtle use of CGI which I have been longing for
4. Art references
5. Planets colliding in a not very accurate way but that's okay because they're beautiful
6. Thoughts that kept rolling around in my head
7. The desire to hold my child

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