Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh to have these daybeds

My dream daybeds:

Last night we heard August begin crying at 9pm, a time he's generally totally conked out. I went in and, well, you don't need the details of the rest. I have never seen him so wan and green in the gills and my heart just broke.

So I decided to make up a bed next to his crib, so I could hear the slightest peep in the night. But I felt too frazzled and rushed to inflate the full-sized aerobed, so we simply folded up many blankets and I laid down on them. This is how not to sleep in your kid's room when he's sick.

This morning, groggy but relieved that August is his chipper ol' self (how! after no sleep! how!), I immediately told Paul "We are buying something to sleep on for that room. The end."

Here are two that I wish I could have! The neato folding chair is by Anders Becke and is unfortunately only sold in Europe or I would be ALL OVER THAT. The second is the NestRest by Dedon and if there was any way I could fit this in I would also be ALL OVER THAT. However those two dreams are out of reach so I think I'll make my own custom foam mattress situation. Somehow.

Photographs courtesy Behance Network and Dedon

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