Thursday, December 15, 2011

The perfect gift—a day off

Print by Rob Ryan

We all have certain skills that we can proudly (or humbly, depending on your personality) claim, as well as admitting to our weaknesses. For example: I have a terrible sense of direction, I can barely remember my multiplication tables, and I can't ride a bike (I know I know, let's blame it on growing up in New York City and then shush). But! I am a decent cook, a good friend, and a great letter writer. And... I am a really good gift-giver. Like family members come to me for advice on what to give other family members.

But recently I have been stumped by what to give Paul. Here's the situation—we were unable to celebrate his birthday properly because I was desperately sick that week, and then the theater tickets I'd gotten him as a present for the following week got revoked because they'd accidentally oversold the show. So now there is extra pressure for a fabulous holiday gift, and I am coming up empty.

In other years I would have eventually come up with an idea for a lovely handmade gift, but this year I just don't have the time. Having a baby seems to take up just a leetle bit of that diy-gift time.

I've perused all those design sites that put together posts of Gifts under $25 or $50 or $100, for Girls, for Boys, for Children, for Husbands. But the one I was inspired by most was a post on DesignSponge on shopping-free gift giving. In particular, I fell in love with the idea of giving a loved one a day off. This is not just a "I promise to do the dishes and laundry and cooking on one day so you can relax all day". This is a well-planned event, coordinated with their boss, with activities and a fabulous presentation. I'm not describing it the best, you should just read it here.

What it reminded me of is a print I bought Paul as a wedding gift, that despite being pink summed up what I thought was at the heart of our relationship—being kids forever. The print is by the inestimable Rob Ryan. What it says is:

Can we? Shall we?
One day very soon,
let us go away together
just you and me.
Can we? Shall we?
Call in sick one day
and travel to the sea
and hold hands all day.
Can we? Shall we?
Eat our sandwiches on the train,
get drunk on fresh air
and come home tired
and never tell anyone...

Photo by me of our randomly propped up artwork

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